Im not taking orders, but will occasionally be postig sweaters for sale

Frequently Asked Questions


Question-Do you have my dog's size still?  

Answer Yes! I have info from every size you've ordered, every email, every text, every Instagram and Facebook message we've ever exchanged. If you have any questions on what you ordered, reach out to me. There are also size tags inside every sweater/shirt (except for reversibles) for you to confirm sizing.


Question- Can I ask for slight customization with my order? For example, shortening the collar, adding 1" to the length, making the leg holes bigger, adding a front harness opening, not adding a harness opening at all? 

Answer- Yes, I can make small adjustments to your sweater. If you'd like a size thats bigger than my biggest size (large) I can most likely accommodate your size. I need to make a bigger pattern which takes time, so there's an extra charge for your sweater.

Please leave any notes for your order or for customization when you check out. If you'd like a larger size, please email me to discuss and I will email you an invoice.

You will see an option for HEART when you are choosing your sweater color/size/gender. You can at that time choose if you'd like a heart and what color you'd like it.  If you leave that section blank, your sweater won't come with a HEART. 


Question- Where do you ship to? 

Answer- I ship everywhere in the world, and have shipped to Mexico, Canada, China, Italy, Norway, Ireland, Finland, Australia, England, Lebanon, Indonesia, Scotland, Ireland, Ukraine, Sweden, Germany, Hawaii, just to name a few. I print my own labels so Im able to keep shipping costs low. If, when Im packaging your sweater, I notice that the "weight" was off at checkout, I will refund you for the difference in shipping cost.


Question- What is your turnaround time?

Answer- Your order will ship no more than 2 weeks after you've placed your order. Often times much sooner, and occasionally a day or 2 later, depending on the time of year and how busy I am. It's a good idea to plan ahead and place your order by  mid November if you want your sweater for Christmas because of shipping delays that can occur.


Question- Can I send you some fabric that I love for you to make a sweater with?

Answer- Absolutely. You can mail it to me, just ask for my address.


Question- Do you accept returns/size exchanges?

Answer- As a general rule, no I do not. Each sweater is made-to-order. Unless I made a mistake and sent you the wrong size or color, its hard for me to accept returns/exchanges. Anything that comes back is donated, because it has been tried on by your dog already. If you're unsure of what size to order, message me and we'll figure it out together :) If you measure your dog according to the diagram of the pup, your sweater will fit.


Question- Does my package come with tracking info?

Answer- Yes. Every domestic package sent by USPS  comes with tracking info. First Class, Priority, Overnight. When you get the email notification that your package is on its way to you, you will be able to follow it with the tracking # provided. If your package shows that it has been "delivered" and you can't find it, and you've checked with neighbors, contact your local USPS to try to see where it could have been delivered. If it states that it has been delivered, its out of my hands and I take no responsibility for where it was placed. Every International order will show tracking info up until the time it leaves the US. After that, its in your country's hands and I don't re-send lost packages for International Orders. 


Question- My tracking info shows that my product is delayed or held up. Is it lost?

Answer- So sorry, but be patient. It WILL get to you. It can sometimes, especially during the holidays, be slowed down, but it WILL get to you. Ive seen packages take the scenic route.


Question- How should I wash my shirt/sweater/jacket?

Answer- To preserve the integrity of your clothes, wash with warm water, no fabric softener, hang to dry. 


Question- How do I reach you and what are your hours of operation? 

Answer- You can email me at: You can also message me on Instagram or Facebook or on Etsy. I'm reachable and open for business year round.