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Sizing Chart

To ensure the best fitting sweater for your dog, you should get 2 measurements from your dog:

1. A GIRTH size (small, medium, large)

Measure around the biggest part of the ribcage, right behind the front legs.

2. A LENGTH size (short,mid,long, x-long)

Measure from the shoulders (not the neck) to the nub/tail




If your dog measures 19"-21" around, they are a SMALL

If your dog measures 22"-24" around, they are a MEDIUM

If your dog measures 25"-27" around, they are a LARGE


 Now that you've chosen your girth size, you need to choose a length.



The Lengths for the SMALL  are:
10"-11" (short)
12"-13" (mid)

The Lengths for the MEDIUM are: 

10"-11" (short)
12"-13" (mid)
14"-16" (long)

The LENGTHS for the LARGE are:
12"-13" (mid)
14"-16" (long)
17"-18" (extra long)


The girth for the XS is 16.5. For the XS size, you can tell me what length you'd like.






 Small 19"-21"

Medium 22"-25"

Large 26"- 28"



Short 10"-11"

Mid 12"-13"

Long 14"-16" 


I have different "neck" sizes for the different sizes., which is part of the reason I ask for your dog's weight.

So, for example,If you have ordered a M/M for your puppy, and as he grows, the neck becomes too small, but the rest of the sweater fits his body, you can order a M/M with a bigger neck for him as he gets bigger. (Reach out to me to let me know anything that you think is pertinent when creating your sweater. Sophie@wagthenub.com)

I can tell based on the info you provide which neck size to do. I err on the side of "bigger" rather than "smaller" if Im unsure. I put all the piece of info you provide together to create the sweater, so its important you measure/weigh.